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English: Fill in the Blanks Set 4

  1. When Rajendran -who had ______ from dizzying heights a hundred times before – was asked to hop into a little pond for a stunt in a Malayalam movie he didn’t think it would become the jump that would ______ his life.
    A) skip, draw
    B) leaped, change
    C) forced, convert
    D) dropped, alter
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    Option B

  2. A climate of intolerance, ______ a new environmental fundamentalism, is developing among the western elite over the climate change debate as governments _______ the world prepare for a new consensus on emission reductions at Copenhagen, end-2009.
    A) indeed, around
    B) instead, over
    C) expected, along
    D) indicated, surrounding
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    Option A

  3. We often think we have got rid of the disease when the symptoms cease to _______ themselves. We think we have got rid of our anger because we have learnt to ‘function effectively’ while we unknowingly let the anger spread and ______ us from within.
    A) indistinct, calm
    B) faint, ruin
    C) manifest, destroy
    D) assert, build
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    Option C

  4. The _______ stand came out in the public domain after the Lieutenant Governor cancelled a circular issued ______ the instructions of the Chief Minister, directing the government officials not to join social media platforms for official communication.
    A) unnatural, in
    B) dissonant, by
    C) similar, after
    D) divergent, under
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    Option D
  5. A note prepared by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) that indicates it was the government that _______ it to consider demonetisation of Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 currency notes — rather than the other way around — has raised questions about the _______ of the central bank while drawing the ire of opposition parties.
    A) guide, accountability
    B) hinted, dependency
    C) advised, autonomy
    D) directed, self-ruled
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    Option C

  6. A city-based advocate has expressed ______ about the fate of the high-value currency notes ______ by the police during raids.
    A) apprehensions, confiscated
    B) suspicion, seize
    C) confidence, profited
    D) fear, equipped
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    Option A

  7. To promote cashless transactions, the government had ______ MDR on fuel purchase for consumers. But after the _______ of the 50-day window, the banks have decided to levy MDR on petrol pump owners.
    A) levied, close
    B) give up, end
    C) dispense, finish
    D) waived, expiry
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    Option D

    But the government has now levied MDR, this means earlier it had waived MDR
  8. _______ security concerns over the Centre’s flagship digital payment application BHIM, the CEO of cybersecurity solutions firm Lucideus, said it was currently ______ the most secure ways to make digital payments.
    A) Relieve, during
    B) Intensifying, making
    C) Allaying, among
    D) Amending, amid
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    Option C

  9. Satellite photos show China has been hard at work ______ military facilities in the contested waters, which are also ________ by the Philippines and Vietnam, among others.
    A) standing, acclaimed
    B) demolishing, maintained
    C) building, claimed
    D) holding, paid
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    Option C

  10. The US Department of Defense (DoD) are ________ proposals for biodegradable bullets loaded with seeds to grow environmentally beneficial plants that _______ammunition debris and contaminants.
    A) seeking, conclude
    B) requesting, approve
    C) joining, expels
    D) soliciting, eliminate
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    Option D

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