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Banking QuizEnglish

English: Fill in the Blanks Set 7

Directions: Fill in the blanks with appropriate words.

  1. When the Delhi Metro _____ its new Magenta and Pink Lines this year, commuters can _____ to get a train every 90 seconds.
    A) inaugurates , predict
    B) opens , expect
    C) channels , figure
    D) signals , suspect
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    Option B

  2. A fresh spell of snowfall _____ normal life with the surface and air connectivity _____ on Tuesday.
    A) effected , overcome
    B) impacted , begin
    C) affected , suspended
    D) halted , reliable
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    Option C

  3. Army Chief General Bipin Rawat on Tuesday made his first visit to the Eastern Command _____ taking over office and also went to the forward areas at the international borders _____ China.
    A) with , upon
    B) before , since
    C) within , at
    D) after , with
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    Option D

  4. A mother called by any name in any language is universally _____ as a symbol of pure and unconditional love for her _____.
    A) acknowledged , offspring’s
    B) belief , children
    C) know , child
    D) accepted , parents
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    Option A

  5. The Thane police have _____ a racket in which SIM cards are activated using forged documents and sold to those who did not have _____documents.
    A) crashed , relevant
    B) busted , requisite
    C) opened , required
    D) surrendered , original
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    Option B

  6. The submarine’s features include superior stealth and the ability to launch a _______ attack on the enemy using precision guided________.
    A) crippling, weapons
    B) harmful, attack
    C) neutralizing, subjugation
    D) evil, submarine
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    Option A

  7. A 2009 study carried out in Punjab and Haryana showed that groundwater ________ was mainly responsible for _______ groundwater storage.
    A) withdrawal, reduced
    B) extraction, declining
    C) pulling, loss
    D) eradication, downgraded
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    Option B

  8. People who live near roads _______with heavy traffic face a higher risk of _______dementia than those living further away, possibly because pollutants get into their brains via the blood stream.
    A) loaded, catching
    B) repleted, catching
    C) hampered, getting
    D) laden, developing
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    Option D

  9. Post demonetisation, with the government going in for a big _____to a cashless economy, we will be seeing ______ of our money being spent and received digitally.
    A) cause, more
    B) push, more
    C) blow, much
    D) boost, much
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    Option B

  10. The Supreme Court on Thursday rejected a request from the Sahara conglomerate to be given more time to deposit Rs 600 crore, _______the group’s argument that a shortage of cash in the country was making it _____ to raise the funds.
    A) in spite of, easy
    B) despite, hard
    C) after, impposible
    D) considering, difficult
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    Option B


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