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Banking QuizEnglish

English: Fill in the Blanks Set 8 (Double Fillers)

Double Filler questions for Upcoming bank exams. 

Direction : Fill in the blanks with appropriate word to form a meaningful sentence.

  1. Indian information technology employees want the government to step in and make it _______ for them to leave their jobs, at a time when they face the _______ of poor salary increases and slower job growth.
    A) difficult , probability
    B) easier , prospect
    C) lengthy , consequence
    D) easy , result
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    Option B
  2. A senior team from Russia is expected to ______ the matter with the Indian side _____ this month.
    A) learn , soon
    B) review , upon
    C) discuss , later
    D) by heart , in
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    Option C
  3. The demonetisation of Rs 500-1000 notes has hardly altered the ______ of cash in the economy, and digital transactions have ______ where they were.
    A) responsibility , been
    B) role , moved
    C) composition , seen
    D) dominance , remained
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    Option D
  4. Universities have ______ greatness not only because they had able and wise teachers, but also because they ______ intelligent and creative students.
    A) gathered , invited
    B) achieved , attracted
    C) produced , deter
    D) sealed , release
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    Option B
  5. That e-commerce player Snapdeal is ______ for cash and _______ go of hundreds of employees does not come as a surprise.
    A) strapped , letting
    B) poor , allowing
    C) flat , seeing
    D) bankrupt , trying
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    Option A
  6. Given courts have ______ responded to criticism with the threat of contempt proceedings against the critic, India has long lacked a ______ discussion of its judicial system.
    A) never , hardly
    B) always , graphical
    C) obviously , wise
    D) frequently , healthy
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    Option D
  7. Now that, with the abolition of a separate budget, the Railways has less _____ to create new trains, Suresh Prabhu and his team should be able to get the _____ they need to deliver a world-class national transporter.
    A) gain , fillip
    B) time , contract
    C) pressure , space
    D) dependency , vehicle
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    Option C
  8. Over a period of time, as a citizen’s passport or driving licence or income tax PAN, etc, get _____ to Aadhaar, it may not be _______ to remember the details of each, just remembering your Aadhaar number will be enough.
    A) linked , necessary
    B) saved , usual
    C) used , feasible
    D) converted , viable
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    Option A
  9. Though countries are _____ on solar power as an alternative for non-renewable sources of energy, solar cells have their own _______ .
    A) depending , reasons
    B) prudent , validity
    C) banking , limitations
    D) responsible , share
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    Option C
  10. Working directors often have significant _______ in the decisions to induct outside directors and hence the assumption that outside directors are ________ to them.
    A) role , valid
    B) reasons , inferior
    C) influence , beholden
    D) view , good
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    Option C


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