Saturday, July 13, 2024
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English: Idioms and Phrases Set 3

  1. Flogging a dead horse
    A) repeating request
    B) making someone see reason
    C) wasting time in useless effort
    D) beating about the bush
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    Option C

  2. Face the music
    A) get finished
    B) get reprimanded
    C) feel sorry
    D) listen to the music
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    Option B

  3. Look down upon
    A) sympathise with
    B) hate intensely
    C) be indifferent to
    D) regard with contempt
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    Option D

  4. Token strike
    A) total strike
    B) planned strike
    C) sudden strike
    D) short strike as warning
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    Option D

  5. Fell foul of
    A) quarrel with
    B) feel annoyed with
    C) agree with
    D) get into trouble with
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    Option D

  6. By fits and start
    A) rarely
    B) interestedly
    C) irregularly
    D) regularly
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    Option C

  7. Come rain or shine
    A) regularly
    B) raining heavily
    C) shining opportunity
    D) irregularly
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    Option A

  8. At sea
    A) happy
    B) puzzled
    C) triumphant
    D) sad
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    Option B

  9. White elephant
    A) rare thing
    B) useful thing
    C) proud possession
    D) costly possession
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    Option D

  10. No love lost between
    A) stop to love
    B) good understanding
    C) not on good terms
    D) forming a group
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    Option C