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English: Idioms and Phrases Set 6

Though the topic Idioms and Phrases is asked in SSC and related exams, but it is important for other exams as well as a part of general English

  1. Come to grief
    A) addicted
    B) go up to extreme
    C) suffer
    D) enjoy
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    Option C

  2. Once in a blue moon
    A) from renowned publisher
    B) at very low cost
    C) blue light of moon
    D) rarely
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    Option D

  3. Bury the hatchet
    A) to keep secret
    B) to make peace
    C) to fool someone
    D) to bury the wealth
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    Option B

  4. Wear one’s heart in sleeves
    A) express emotions freely
    B) express emotions with reserve
    C) suppress emotions openly
    D) suppress emotions sparingly
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    Option A

  5. To foam at one’s mouth
    A) to brush properly
    B) to get very angry
    C) to salivate on seeing food
    D) to faint
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    Option B

  6. To burn one’s fingers
    A) to get hurt physically
    B) to suffer financial losses
    C) to find work
    D) to suffer nervous breakdown
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    Option B

  7. End in smoke
    A) get to fire
    B) come to nothing
    C) to burn
    D) attract everyone
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    Option B

  8. Die in harness
    A) cease to live
    B) die of a disease
    C) die for one’s country
    D) die while working
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    Option D

  9. Hard nut to crack
    A) difficult task
    B) different matter
    C) impossible task
    D) inexplicable problem
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    Option A

  10. To eat a humble pie
    A) to feel downtrodden
    B) to behave humbly
    C) to accept abuse
    D) to accept defeat
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    Option D