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English: Odd Sentence Set 2

The following questions contain five sentences as options. Find one sentence which does not relate to the central theme of the passage made by remaining four sentences.


  1. A) Everything that you consider as good, you are drawn to it and everything that you consider as bad, you get repelled from it, and negative emotions will flow.
    B) If you do not make any attempt to read, perceive or judge something, but simply learn to look at everything the way it is, you will see things the way they are.
    C) People think that by knowing other people or reading their minds, we can be effective in the world. This is not true.
    D) If you know yourself, you can become very effective.
    E) But if you make an effort to read people’s minds — maybe sometimes you will, because, after all, you do have a mind — you can read certain things, you have perception, you can judge, but these judgements, what will you do with them?
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    Option A
    The correct order is C, D, B, E
  2. A) He has been the single most influence on the life of the people of Sindh, whether they are Hindus or Muslims.
    B) Greater than this is their unique peace contribution: peace, which is seen in the 7,000-yearold Sindhu civilisation, one that supported and sustained the great civilisations of Babylon and Egypt.
    C) Every community that migrates, whatever the reason, contributes to its new region of settlement. In Sindhi culture and literature, the most prominent name is that of Shah Abdul Latif.
    D) His spiritual literature is considered very similar to that of Rumi’s.
    E) His family had migrated from Herat in Outer Mongolia.
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    Option B
    The correct order is C, D, A, E
  3. A) The problem is not just that FCI has become synonymous with inefficiency and mismanagement, converting itself into the world’s largest hoarder of grain and a primary driver of food inflation in the country.
    B) The government should procure only to maintain the minimum buffer norm, and allow private trade to procure, store and distribute grain.
    C) The problem is that the agency, in its present shape, has become an obstacle to achieving food security, jacking up the cost of stored grain and, therefore, of food subsidy, to unsustainable levels.
    D) Such a role definition to a guardian angel watching over food security, rather than its primary agent, is what FCI is desperately in need of.
    E) The government’s move to revamp the Food Corporation of India (FCI) makes sense.
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    Option D
    The correct order is E, A, C, B
  4. A) Mountains of garbage helped spread vector-borne diseases like dengue and chikungunya.
    B) It must however be remembered that while winter is feeling foul summer had its own set of woes – thanks to these same civic agencies.
    C) Some days back the Delhi court rapped the capital’s civic bodies for doing little to fix glaring problems – like massive debris at construction sites and raging fires in landfill sites.
    D) When the wind swept the dark smog from Delhi, it may also have swept away government willingness to tackle air pollution seriously.
    E) For example initially the waste treatment plant got a bleak response from surrounding areas and it continues to struggle on account of receiving unsegregated waste.
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    Option E
    The correct order is D, C, B, A
  5. A) With matching computational power and machine muscles, biology today looks more like physics of the early 20th century.
    B) From perfecting techniques to produce leafy greens without soil to treating migraine in microgravity, new research breakthroughs are announced almost every day.
    C) But none has been so promising as the new-age vaccines for common cold, dengue and AIDS.
    D) After 15 years into the 21st century, it appears biologists, of all shades and sizes, are on course to live up to the tag.
    E) At the turn of the last century, a large section of the scientific community had hailed the new millennium as the ‘Age of Biology’.
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    Option C
    The correct order is E, D, B, A

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