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English: One Word Substitution Set 2

Important One Word Substitution useful for various exams like SSC CGL 2017, CPO, CHSL, RRB NTPC, High Court and other exams.

  1. Fit to be chosen
    A) eligible
    B) valuable
    C) capable
    D) suitable
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    Option A

  2. Strong dislike between two persons
    A) amiable
    B) antipathy
    C) apathy
    D) despair
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    Option B

  3. The plants and vegetation of a region
    A) fauna
    B) landscape
    C) flora
    D) environment
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    Option C

  4. That which is without opposition
    A) unaware
    B) verdict
    C) unanimous
    D) spontaneous
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    Option C

  5. Animal that feeds on plants
    A) carnivorous
    B) insectivorous
    C) herbivorous
    D) graminivorous
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    Option C

  6. A number of stars grouped together
    A) orbit
    B) constellation
    C) solar system
    D) comet
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    Option B

  7. Murder of a man
    A) regicide
    B) fratricide
    C) homicide
    D) genocide
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    Option C

  8. Lasting for a very short while
    A) transparent
    B) temporal
    C) temporary
    D) temperate
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    Option C

  9. To bear a hand
    A) interfere
    B) join
    C) assist
    D) rejoice
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    Option C

  10. Avoiding wastage
    A) economic
    B) economical
    C) minimal
    D) optimal
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    Option B

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