Friday, July 12, 2024
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English: One Word Substitution Set 4

  1. Sounding pleasant
    A) euphonious
    B) euphoric
    C) euphemism
    D) eternal
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     Option A

  2. Resulting in a complete failure
    A) frenzy
    B) fiasco
    C) deprave
    D) epithet
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     Option B

  3. One who is honourably discharged from a service
    A) emissary
    B) honourary
    C) gratuitous
    D) emeritus
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     Option D

  4. A learned or scholarly person
    A) emissary
    B) fanatic
    C) erudite
    D) glutton
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     Option C

  5. Too strong to be overcome or defeated
    A) impertinent
    B) impregnable
    C) impalpable
    D) impious
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     Option B

  6. Animals that live in flock
    A) gregarious
    B) fleet
    C) masque
    D) pageant
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     Option A

  7. One who makes an eloquent public speech
    A) speaker
    B) optimistic
    C) orator
    D) parasol
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     Option C

  8. Secret and illegal religious meeting
    A) conventicle
    B) collusion
    C) contrite
    D) cynosure
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    Option A

  9. A harsh sound
    A) cadence
    B) cacophony
    C) euphonious
    D) pitch
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     Option B

  10. One who is greedy
    A) vicarious
    B) avaricious
    C) voracious
    D) bellicose
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    Option B