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Logical Reasoning Set 4

Critical reasoning Questions for SBI PO, IBPS PO, NICL, RBI Grade B, Dena Bank PO PGDBF, BOI, Bank of Baroda and other competitive exams

  1. The most widely argued reasons for globalization are saturation of domestic markets, economies of scale and competitive factors. The process of globalization tends to cover a wide range of industries and is not selective by the country of ownership.
    The above statement assumes that
    A) Globalization will not occur in countries where markets are emerging and not saturated.
    B) Globalization of business is so widespread as to cause concern.
    C) Globalization is endemic to business due to pressing factors, but is not limited to any particular country.
    D) Globalization is the major approach to cost reduction
    E) None of these
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    Option C

    The theme of the passage in written in C).
  2. A leading company in the home appliance industry adopts an inorganic growth route by way of Mergers and Acquisitions, to expand its operations in various countries in emerging markets. The company acquires many domestic companies in these countries to create the initial base.
    Which of the following statements is the most relevant basis for the company’s strategy?
    A) There are no major international competitors having a base in those countries.
    B) The companies acquired are the leading companies in the respective countries, having the latest technology.
    C) The markets in these countries are not consolidates and there are too many players in the market.
    D) In order to enter the market, support of a local brand is necessary.
    E) None of these
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    Option C

    That s why the company adopted the route of Mergers and Acquisitions
  3. Partly because of bad weather, but also partly because some major pepper growers have switched to high-priced cocoa, world production of pepper has been running well below worldwide sales for three years. Pepper is consequently in relatively short supply. The price of pepper has soared in response: it now equals that of cocoa.
    Which of the following can be inferred from the passage?
    A) Pepper is a profitable crop only if it is grown on a large scale.
    B) World consumption of pepper has been unusually high for three years.
    C) World production of pepper will return to previous levels once normal weather returns.
    D) Surplus stocks of pepper have been reduced in the past three years.
    E) The profits that the growers of pepper have made in the past three years have been unprecedented.
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    Option D

    The passage says – less production of pepper in last three years.
  4. In order to boost sales of toys at times other than the peak sale time, Deepawali-manufactures use many techniques. Character toys from movies of TV series are promoted, and all sets are ‘collectible’ by their young purchasers. Collections, however, never appear to be complete because as soon as all the characters are acquired, the child then requires the car, the phone, the mobile home and even the airplane, to ensure a happy environment for the toys. Ultimately, the elusive final piece of the series is attained just as the manufacturer and promoter release the next series of collectibles.
    The prime aim of the manufacturer and promoter is to ensure that
    A) All children should be happy and no child can be happy without a complete series of toys.
    B) As soon as one set is complete or almost complete, then the next one arrives on the scene.
    C) Children should be encouraged to complete their collections to toys.
    D) Deepawali must be the peak selling period of toys.
    E) Sales need to be bolstered throughout the year.
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    Option E

    Manufacturers simply want to keep their sales of toys soaring throughout the year.
  5. Recent surveys show that many people who have left medical school before graduating suffer from depression, clearly, depression is likely to cause withdrawal from medical school.
    Which of the following if true, would most strengthen the conclusion above?
    A) Many medical schools provide psychological counseling for their students.
    B) About half of those who leave medical school report feeling depressed after they make decision to leave.
    C) Depression is very common among management consultants who have a similarly difficult work schedule to those of many young doctors.
    D) Medical students who have sought depression counseling due to family problems leave at a higher rate than the national average.
    E) Career change has been shown to be a strong contributing factor in the onset of depression.
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    Option D

    A) irrelevant
    B) weakens by cause and effect.
    C) this would be a good choice if it were shown that mgt consultants also leave their profession – but we can’t assume that
    D) the only one that works
    E) this weakens
  6. A person who agrees to serve as mediator between 2 warring factions at the requests of both abandons by so agreeing the right later to take sides. To take sides at a later point would be to suggest that the earlier presumptive impartiality was a sham
    The passage above emphasizes which of the following points about mediators?
    A) The should try to form no opinion of their own about any issue that is related to the dispute
    B) They should not agree to serve unless they are committed to maintaining a stance of impartiality
    C) They should not agree to serve unless they are equally acceptable to all parties to a dispute
    D) They should feel free to take sides in the dispute right from the start, provided that they make their biases publicly known.
    E) They should reserve the right to abandon their impartiality so as not to be open to the charge of having been deceitful
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    Option B

    The two sentences emphasize the rule of impartiality
  7. Ironically, people who use aspartame as a sweetener to reduce their caloric intake could wind up defeating their purpose, since studies show that high levels of aspartame may trigger a craving for carbohydrates by depleting the brain of a chemical that registers carbohydrate satiety.
    Which of the following conclusions can most properly be drawn if the statements above are true?
    A) Aspartame can be more hazardous than carbohydrates to people’s health.
    B) People who do not use aspartame are not likely to develop a craving for carbohydrates.
    C) The caloric content of foods that are high in carbohydrates is significant.
    D) People tend to prefer sweet foods to those high in carbohydrates.
    E) Food products that contain aspartame are typically low in carbohydrates.
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    Option C

    C talks about aspartame in view of carbohydrate whereas it is low in caloric content.
  8. Although migraine headaches are believed to be caused by food allergies, putting patients on diets that eliminate those foods to which the patients have been demonstrated to have allergic migraine reactions frequently does not stop headaches. Obviously, some other cause of migraine headaches besides food allergies much exist.
    Which of the following, if true, would most weaken the conclusion above?
    A) Many common foods elicit an allergic response only after several days, making it very difficult to observe links between specific foods patients eat and headaches they develop.
    B) Food allergies affect many people who never develop the symptom of migraine headaches.
    C) Many patients report that the foods that cause them migraine headaches are among the foods that they most enjoy eating.
    D) Very few patients have allergic migraine reactions as children live migraine-free adult lives once they have eliminated from their diets foods to which they have been demonstrated to be allergic.
    E) Very rarely do food allergies cause patients to suffer a symptom more severe than that of migraine
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    Option A

    To weaken the assumption of other possible causes, food allergy factor must be strengthened.
  9. When limitations were in effect on nuclear-arms testing, people tended to save more of their money, but when nuclear arms testing increased people tended to spend more of their money. The perceived threat of nuclear catastrophe, therefore, decreases the willingness of people to postpone consumption for the sake of saving money.
    The argument above assumes that
    A) The perceived threat of nuclear catastrophe has increased over the years
    B) Most people supported the development of nuclear arms
    C) People’s perception of the threat of nuclear catastrophe depends on the amount of nuclear -arms testing being done
    D) The people who saved the most money when nuclear -arms testing was limited were the ones who supported such limitations
    E) There are more consumer goods available when nuclear-arms testing increases
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    Option C

    People’s perception of the threat of nuclear catastrophe do not depends on the amount of nuclear -arms testing being done
    So if this negated statement is true then the argument dies. Hence C) is the correct assumption.
  10. A brochure for city X highlights the reasons why residents should move there rather than to other cities in the state. One reason that the brochure mentions is the relative ease of finding a job in City X, where the unemployment rate is 4.7 percent.
    Which of the following statements, if true, casts most doubt on the validity of the reason to move to City X mentioned above?
    A) Most of the jobs in City X are hourly rather than salary jobs.
    B) The state where City X is located has an average unemployment rate of 3.9 percent.
    C) Other reasons to move to City X include the school system and easy access to recreational activities.
    D) The national unemployment rate calculated during the last census is 4.3 percent.
    E) City Y located in the same state as City X recently built a new factory that will employ 5000 workers.
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    Option B

    It weakens the fact that it is easy to find a job in city X.