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English: Cloze Test Set 6

In the following passage there are blanks, each of which has been numbered. These numbers are printed below the passage and against each, four words are suggested, one of which fits the blank appropriately. Find out the appropriate word in each case.

In a breakthrough, scientists have found an (1)_______ viable way to (2)______ fuel from water by splitting it into oxygen and hydrogen, using an ultrathin catalyst. Just as solar light can (3)______ electricity, the water splitting process could do the same via the generation of clean chemical fuel such as hydrogen, said Huijin Zhao, Director of Griffith University’s Centre for Clean Environment and Energy (CCEE) in Australia.
While it is already scientifically possible to split water in (4)______ way, highly efficient catalysts are the key to (5)_____ the system to one that is economically viable, researchers said.
“The world is now facing five major issues for humanity -energy, environment, water, food security and public health,” Zhao said.
“Global warming is ranked first and it is all resulting from burning fossil fuels because that is (6)____ carbon dioxide comes from,” he said.
“To reduce this and to make the global temperature (7)______ rise beyond 2 degrees Celsius you have to find clean, renewable energy and hydrogen (8)_____ clean energy,” said Zhao.
“It’s part of the solution – if we really can (9)______ water into two that will be one scientific solution for the future of sustainable energy supplies,” he added.
Zhao said hydrogen would be a (10)_____ clean fuel over petrol in foreseeable future.

  1. A) interestingly
    B) economically
    C) absolute
    D) another
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    Option B
  2. A) creating
    B) study
    C) create
    D) destroy
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    Option C
  3. A) convert
    B) generate
    C) obtain
    D) obtained
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    Option B
  4. A) no
    B) their
    C) that
    D) this
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    Option D
  5. A) maintain
    B) much
    C) moving
    D) fixing
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    Option C
  6. A) where
    B) due to
    C) together
    D) about
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    Option A
  7. A) go
    B) to
    C) from
    D) not
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    Option B
  8. A) equals
    B) different
    C) equate to
    D) beats
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    Option A

    A) divert
    B) transfer
    C) require
    D) split
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    Option D
  9. A) synthetic
    B) ominous
    C) promising
    D) hopeful
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    Option C

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