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Banking QuizEnglish

English: Fill in the Blanks Set 1

Directions: Fill in the blanks with appropriate words

  1. A ______ in non-cash transactions through digital options such as mobile wallets and debit cards is a clear sign that India is ______ the cashless economy.
    A) downfall, adopting
    B) increase, following
    C) surge, embracing
    D) reduction, removing
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    Option C

  2. The demonetisation drive, which ______ a large and still unresolved shortage of cash, will be a big __________ in the Uttar Pradesh election
    A) created, fix
    B) made, fix
    C) made, focus
    D) created, influencer
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    Option D

  3. The cut in lending rates will give an immediate _____ to consumer loan growth and its ripple effect should have a positive impact on loan ______ from companies
    A) boost, demand
    B) relief, supply
    C) boost, supply
    D) relief, taken
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    Option A

  4. The Supreme Court ______ the home buyers across the country to hold meetings for approval or disapproval of propose scheme of compromise to enable the company to complete the pending projects and _____ over the flats.
    A) proposed, take
    B) mentioned, hand
    C) ordered, give
    D) directed, hand
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    Option D

  5. A rare comet will be ______ using just binoculars to skywatchers on Earth this week for the first time, _____ the object heads back into outer reaches of the solar system for an orbit lasting thousands of years.
    A) appeared, after
    B) visible, before
    C) visible, after
    D) discovered, before
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    Option B

  6. The Supreme Court on Monday ordered BCCI president Anurag Thakur and secretary Ajay Shirke _____”forthwith cease and desist” from ______ their respective offices on the Board.
    A) by, carrying
    B) from , occupying
    C) to, holding
    D) of, leaving
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    Option C

  7. If power and position were all that mattered, SP supremo Mulayam Singh might have been able to more evenly _____ the loaves of office and quickly end the ____ engulfing his party.
    A) distribute, crisis
    B) charge, problem
    C) spread, load
    D) lower, fight
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    Option A

  8. The Tamil Nadu political scene has always been dynamic, and ideas and leaders from the State have been _______ in social inclusion, gender equality and inclusive democracy, in a manner ______in India’s political history.
    A) observer, best
    B) best, observed
    C) just, seen
    D) pioneers, unmatched
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    Option D

  9. The diamond business provides_____, direct and indirect, to approximately eight lakh people ___the city.
    A) business , to
    B) employment, in
    C) diamond, in
    D) employee, from
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    Option B

  10. People who never ____plastic money, mobile wallet apps or Internet banking to pay bills are _______moving away from using cash in their daily lives.
    A) believed, easily
    B) had, forcefully
    C) saw, now
    D) used, reluctantly
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    Option D

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