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Banking QuizEnglish

English: Fill in the Blanks Set 2

Directions: Fill in the blanks with appropriate words

  1. The Agra-Lucknow Expressway—expected to reap _______ electoral dividend for the ruling Samajwadi Party—has been conceptualised as an integrated project ________ farms and industrial centres to large cities.
    A) vibrant, to associate
    B) rich, connecting
    C) loaded, brought
    D) light, establishing
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    Option B
  2. India’s IT sector may be ______ some strong global headwinds and the start-up space may be struggling to get going, _______ there is no doubt the country’s technology ecosystem remains as fertile as ever.
    A) paving, whereas
    B) experiencing, and
    C) facing, but
    D) experimenting, but
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    Option C
  3. In India, 3G services started almost a decade after the world had _______ them, while 4G is half-a-decade behind. As India ______ Internet of Things (IoT), it is believed that the country will finally catch up with the world when 5G is deployed.
    A) acquired, accepts
    B) assumed, supports
    C) adopted, embraces
    D) accepted, forsakes
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    Option C
  4. If the government was hoping credit-rating firm S&P would _______ India from the current BBB-/A3 for the long- and short-terms, respectively, it was being ________.
    A) enhances, sanguine
    B) restore, positive
    C) improve, negative
    D) upgrade, optimistic
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    Option D
  5. Brazil’s pension system is one of the world’s most _______ ones—and an epicentre of its _______ recession. The global pension sustainability index (by Allianz) ranks it 49 out of 50 countries surveyed.
    A) unsustainable, protracted
    B) sustainable, extensive
    C) assertable, shortened
    D) acceptable, lengthen
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    Option A
  6. The latest in the series of controversies is the instant messaging platform WhatsApp’s policy that has _______ privacy by sharing user data with its parent company Facebook. The issue is now before the courts to decide whether this practice is _______ of privacy rules.
    A) revealed, breach
    B) threatened, violative
    C) eased, invasion
    D) intimidate, respective
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    Option B
  7. Not surprisingly, given there was such a big difference in the number of Points of Interconnection (PoI) that RJio wanted and what the _________ telcos thought were necessary, Trai’s delicate ________ appears to have broken down.
    A) functionary, agreement
    B) voluntary, warning
    C) incumbent , truce
    D) curious, armistice
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    Option C
  8. The prime minister himself, through his ________ to the nation, is also boosting the morale of the youth in the country to develop the nation. He is actively working on ________ good relations with several nations.
    A) directions, permanently
    B) speeches, establishing
    C) marks, processing
    D) addresses, building
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    Option D
  9. Suggesting an agenda for the new Governor of RBI is both improper and ________ given that the person chosen to head the central bank is an accomplished person from the system who knows what to do and does not require any ______.
    A) pompous, advice
    B) important, signals
    C) conceited, clue
    D) lofty, guide
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    Option A
  10. The Olympic Games while being the biggest global sporting event has always been intricately _______with politics. In the biggest move ever _______ doping in sports, the Lausanne, Switzerland-based Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) has banned the Russian Olympic Committee and 68 Russian track and field athletes who filed an appeal to participate in the Rio Olympics
    A) enlace, for
    B) intertwined, against
    C) crossed, since
    D) reticulated, opposing
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    Option B

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