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Banking QuizEnglish

English: Fill in the Blanks Set 3

Directions: Fill in the blanks with appropriate words

  1. But unless there is ________ among all the WTO member countries, these issues _______be made part of the formal agenda.
    A) unity, will
    B) consensus, cannot
    C) accord, must
    D) disagreement, can
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    Option B

  2. There were reports by intelligence and enforcement agencies that availability of high denomination banknotes made it ________for black money hoarders and counterfeited notes in high denominations were _______used for terrorist financing
    A) difficult, constantly
    B) easier, been
    C) troublesome, being
    D) easier, being
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    Option D

  3. Finance Minister Arun Jaitley dismissed reports of a slowdown due to demonetisation as __________, and said the “real” tax collection numbers gave a more accurate picture of how the economy was_______.
    A) anecdotal, faring
    B) rubbish, going
    C) genuine, heading
    D) surprising, progressing
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    Option A

  4. _______ of garbage on the streets of east Delhi grew bigger on as sanitation workers of the EDMC refused to end their strike _______ the civic body claiming that it had started to disburse pending salaries.
    A) mountain, inspite
    B) mounds, despite
    C) anthill, due to
    D) pile, because
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    Option B

  5. ________of groundwater and consequent poor irrigation facility have ____ sugarcane farmers to give up cultivation in several parts of the district.
    A) Destruction, made
    B) Renewal, enabled
    C) Depletion, forced
    D) Deterioration, pushed
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    Option C

  6. The growth in wealth around the globe, _______ with demographic changes, has resulted in the ________of new avenues for growth and diverse high net worth investor (HNI) behaviour, demands and expectations.
    A) along, renewal
    B) accompanying, addition
    C) furthermore, creation
    D) coupled, emergence
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    Option D

  7. The government had to step in to _____ an emergent crisis when it ______on Monday that consumers at petrol pumps would not be required to pay extra if they used electronic modes of payment instead of cash.
    A) beat, reported
    B) tame, announced
    C) quell, declared
    D) subdue, reported
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    Option C

  8. Addressing the national executive of the Bharatiya Janata Party , Mr Modi ________the need for greater transparency in political funding and _________ his party would be proactive in disclosing funds received by it.
    A) argued, vow
    B) reasserted, pledged
    C) advocated, guaranteed
    D) announced, insured
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    Option B

  9. India is important for Apple because the country is the world’s fastest ______market for mobile phones even as growth has ________in markets such as China.
    A) flourishing, existed
    B) growing, slowed
    C) spreading, decreased
    D) swelling, dominated
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    Option B

  10. The government’s decision to set up a single permanent tribunal to _______ all inter-state river water rows is a move that will ______little purpose.
    A) determine, officiate
    B) inculcate, succor
    C) arbitrate, enforce
    D) adjudicate, serve
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    Option D

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