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English: Idioms and Phrases Set 4

  1. In a tight corner
    A) in a closed room
    B) in a small field
    C) in a difficult situation
    D) in a meadow
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    Option C

  2. Wild goose chase
    A) fruitful hunting
    B) futile search
    C) ideal seeking
    D) genuine effort
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    Option B

  3. Out and out
    A) totally
    B) simply
    C) merely
    D) slightly
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    Option A

  4. Green thumb
    A) one is artistic
    B) one nails are painted green
    C) to have interest in gardening
    D) to have a green tattoo on thumb
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    Option C

  5. Pay through one’s nose
    A) pay huge loans
    B) pay a reasonable price
    C) pay an extremely high price
    D) make a quick buck
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    Option C

  6. To give someone piece of your mind
    A) to be nice with him
    B) to take revenge
    C) to reprimand him
    D) to support him
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    Option C

  7. Make a clean breast of
    A) fight like a hero
    B) face bravely
    C) confess without reserve
    D) clean the floor
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    Option C

  8. An axe to grind
    A) a blunt axe
    B) a sharp tongue
    C) a private interest to serve
    D) a tendency to fight
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    Option D

  9. To give devil his due
    A) to give credit to notorious person
    B) to give encouragement to enemy
    C) to invite a devil
    D) to stand in way of a devil
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    Option A

  10. Talk through one’s hat
    A) talk nonsense
    B) talk ignorantly
    C) talk irresponsibly
    D) talk insultingly
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    Option A