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English: Idioms and Phrases Set 5

  1. Armchair critic
    A) someone who gives advice based on theory
    B) someone who gives advice based on practical
    C) someone who criticises everything done by others
    D) someone who is paralysed
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    Option A

  2. Asleep at the wheel
    A) not sufficiently attentive
    B) sleep uncomfortably
    C) very tired
    D) sleep early at night
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    Option A

  3. Carry one’s cross
    A) to cross road carefully
    B) to do cross training
    C) to carry one’s things
    D) to endure one’s difficulties
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    Option D

  4. Go nuts
    A) go on a nut diet
    B) become completely foolish
    C) to be ecstatic
    D) overexcited
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    Option B

  5. Neck and neck
    A) to be similar
    B) twin siblings
    C) to be equal or nearly equal
    D) difficult competition
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    Option C

  6. Pick a lock
    A) to lock a room
    B) to fight physically
    C) to argue
    D) to open lock without key
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    Option D

  7. Wax and wane
    A) to be happy and sad
    B) to come and go
    C) to increase and decrease
    D) to be friendly and unfriendly
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    Option C

  8. Cut to the bone
    A) to reduce something severely
    B) hurt physically
    C) first degree burns
    D) tough competition
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    Option A

  9. Over the moon
    A) to land at moon
    B) very happy
    C) lost
    D) beyond expectations
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    Option B

  10. Blaze a trail
    A) to follow someone
    B) to light a trail
    C) to develop a new area of study
    D) to develop a new interest
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    Option C