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English: Odd Sentence Set 1

The following questions contain five sentences as options. Find one sentence which does not relate to the central theme of the passage made by remaining four sentences.

  1. A) Their uncertainty reflects a new reality.
    B) But curbing declines against the dollar comes at a cost, eating into hard-earned foreign-exchange reserves.
    C) The government, long able to exercise tremendous control over the yuan, has started to lose its grip.
    D) A new exchange-rate mechanism, introduced last year, has made the currency more flexible but also more responsive to global market trends.
    E) Most analysts, investors and companies believe that the Chinese currency has further to fall against the dollar, but can only guess as to how far and how quickly.
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     Option B
    Sentences A and E are related for sure, A tells the uncertainty of the analysts, investors and companies. C and D follows because they tell about how yuan is doing now.
    B starts with but. There is no sentence to prefix the B sentence. The correct order is E, A, C, D
  2. A) So many years in fact that if they had actually let the country go bust and fall out of the euro it would be recovering by now and we really would have dealt with the problem.
    B) Further, a large amount of debt which should have been defaulted on was shifted over to official creditors where it is very much more difficult to get rid of.
    C) And still Germany and other eurozone nations are insisting that this cannot be done.
    D) We are now several years into the Greek debt disaster.
    E) But as we know, that’s not what did happen, Greece was not allowed to leave the euro however beneficial that would have been.
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     Option C
    Before sentence C, there is no sentence to tell what to do. (As C tells this cannot be done)
    The correct order is D, A, E, B.
  3. A) There are many types of financial transactions that are not considered as an economic activity.
    B) They’re both absolutely correct, this will indeed happen and they’ve got the mechanism by which it will happen correct too.
    C) Another way of saying much the same thing is that any and every action will have a number of effects.
    D) We have two Ministers today telling us that demonetisation in India will boost the country’s GDP growth.
    E) However, there are many things which are true in economics but which are not important.
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     Option A
    Talking about financial transactions in A does not relate to any other sentence
    The correct order is D, B, E, C.
  4. A) This is rather higher than the rate predicted for the Asia Pacific region as a whole of 5%.
    B) So, if those two are doing well it’s not all that much of a surprise that the region’s aggregate or average is too.
    C) A new United Nations report on the economic growth prospects for India in this current year, stating that they expect GDP growth to be 7.6%.
    D) And that’s some of the mealy mouthed mush that we’ve come to expect from the UN.
    E) Of course, said Asia Pacific region is entirely dominated by the pair of China and India in economic terms
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    Option D
    The paragraph if made is talking about the report of UN and role of Indian and China in Asia’s GDP. There is no statement that UN has told, so D statement does not have any prefix statement.
    Mealy mouthed means afraid to speak frankly or straightforwardly.
    The correct order is C, A, E, B.
  5. A) This has been the fate of the Rohingyas for decades.
    B) Myanmar is a multicultural society with 135 communities.
    C) Sick and starving, the people crowd rickety boats and float adrift for weeks in the Indian Ocean waiting for the tension to abate.
    D) The Rohingyas are a community whom no country wants.
    E) Myanmar, which they consider their home, calls them Bengalis, denies them citizenship rights, looks away as they become targets of ethnic violence
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     Option B
    The paragraph if made talks about The Rohingyas and not Mayanmar. Moreover A sentence says this has been the fate. So this sentence also should have some previous sentence.
    The correct order is D, E, C, A.


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