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English: Odd Words Set 3

Direction  : In each question below there are four or five statements. Each statement has pairs of words/phrases that are highlighted. From the highlighted word(s)/phrase(s), select the most appropriate word(s)/phrase(s) to form correct sentences. Then choose the best option.

  1. (i) The prince wanted to ascent (A)/ ascend (B) to the throne
    (ii) The doctor did not expect (A)/ except (B) the patient to die during the operation.
    (iii) He delivered a speech on India shining with panacea (A)/ panache (B)  
    (iv) The accused swore the he did not steel (A)/ steal (B) the dead body of the saint
    (v) The customer could not gain access (A)/ excess (B) to his ATM account
    A) BABBA
    B) ABBBA
    C) AAABB
    D) AAABA
    E) BBABA
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    Option A
    : BABBA
  2. (i) This situation will not effect (A) /affect (B) the results.
    (ii) He made several illusions(A)/ allusions (B) to the murder of the prime minister
    (iii) There is little reason to altar (A) /alter (B) my decision
    (iv) The chairman remarks were not very apposite (A)/ opposite (B)
    A) ABBA

    B) BABB
    C) BABA
    D) BBBA
    E) BBAB
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    Option D
    : BBBA
  3. (i) He accepted (A)/ excepted (B) my reason for being late
    (ii) The ministers drank to access(A)/ excess(B)
    (iii) That was a terrible accident (A)/ incident (B) in his life

    (iv) We must adopt (A)/ adapt (B) ourselves to the situation.
    (v) They must adopt (A)/ Adapt (B) the child if it is to be saved
    A) ABABA
    B) BABBA
    C) ABBBA
    D) BBBBA
    E) BAABA
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    Option C
    : ABBBA
  4. (i) He used to be audited (A)/ addicted (B) to drinking but now he is devoted to his studies
    (ii) He acted on his lawyers advise (A)/ advice (B)
    (iii) The lawyer nodded in a/an assent (A)/ ascent (B) at 6.p.m
    (iv) We will avenge (A)/ revenge (B) the helpless and poor people
    (v) He stepped on the breaks(A)/ brakes (B).
    A) BBAAB
    B) ABBAB
    C) BAABA
    D) BBABA
    E) BBAAA
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    Option A
    : BBAAB
  5. (i) My brother’s vocation (A)/ vacation (B) is banking
    (ii) These customs are a relics of barbarisms (A)/ barbarity (B)
    (iii) He could not bare (A)/ bear (B) such hardship

    (iv) Water ran down the creak (A)/ creek(B) rapidly
    (v) His acts were beneficent(A)/ beneficial (B) to all.
    A) AABBB
    B) ABAAB
    C) BABAB
    D) ABBAB
    E) BAABA
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    Option A
    : AABBB
  6. (i) Kindly reserve a birth (A)/ berth (B) for me
    (ii) Shakespeare was borne (A) born (B) in Stafford
    (iii) The bridle (A)/ bridal (B) ceremony lasted for two hours
    (iv) They canvas (A) /canvass (B) strongly for their party.
    (v) There is a special cell (A)/ sell (B) for hard core criminals.
    A) ABABA
    B) BBBBA
    C) AAAAB
    D) BAABA
    E) BBABA
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    Option B
    : BBBBA
  7. (i) His manner was rather ceremonious (A)/ ceremonial (B)
    (ii) The cession (A)/ cessation (B) of the territory was demanded by the British

    (iii) The bill will be introduced in the current (A)/ cession (B) session
    (iv) The teller was asked to cheque (A)/ check (B) his accounts
    (v) The mans attitude was too childish (A)/ childlike (B) for his age
    A) ABBBB
    B) AABBA
    C) ABABA
    D) ABBBA
    E) BBABB
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    Option D
    : ABBBA
  8. (i) The speaker will cite (A)/ site (B) many reasons for our failure
    (ii) My work is the compliment (A)/ complement (B) of his
    (iii) Her speech was scarcely comprehensible (A)/ comprehensive (B)
    (iv) He spoke with baited (A)/ bated (B) breath.

    (v) The young man made his uncle confidant (A)/ confident (B).
    A) ABBBA
    B) ABABA
    C) BABBA
    D) BAABA
    E) AAABA
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    Option A
    : ABBBA
  9. (i) I will keep your counsel (A)/ council (B) in mind
    (ii) She was conscientious (A)/ conscious (B) of her faults
    (iii) He is a contemptible (A)/ Contemptuous (B) chap
    (iv) He worked continuously (A)/ Continually (B) from morn till night
    (v) Corporal (A)/ Corporeal (B) Punishment is forbidden in schools..
    A) ABBAA
    B) BAAAA
    C) ABAAA
    D) ABBBB
    E) BBABA
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    Option C
    : ABAAA
  10. (i) This coarse (A)/ Course (B) of action will eventually ruin us.
    (ii) The rumour was to far fetched to be credible (A)/ creditable (B)
    (iii) Drunkenness is not among his crimes (A) /vices(B)
    (iv) This custom habit (A)/ habitual (B) still exists among savages

    (v) The deceased (A)/ diseased (B) sheep were examined by the vet
    A) BAABA
    B) ABBAA
    C) AAABB
    D) BABAB
    E) BBBBA
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    Option D
    : BABAB