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English: One Word Substitution Set 3

Important One Word Substitution useful for various exams like SSC CGL 2017, CPO, CHSL, RRB NTPC, High Court and other exams.

  1. A fixed territory in which authority can be exercised
    A) jurisdiction
    B) judiciary
    C) jurisprudence
    D) juristic
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    Option A

  2. The art of making fireworks
    A) chromatics
    B) pyrotechnics
    C) numismatics
    D) firology
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    Option B

  3. Sudden and violent change
    A) cataclysm
    B) catalysis
    C) catacombs
    D) catechism
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    Option A

  4. One who eats human flesh
    A) non vegetarian
    B) vegetarian
    C) man eater
    D) cannibal
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    Option D

  5. Specialises in nose diseases
    A) ontologist
    B) rhinologist
    C) endocrinologist
    D) gerentologist
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    Option B

  6. A war of religions
    A) contraband
    B) apostate
    C) cavalry
    D) crusade
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    Option D

  7. Very dramatic
    A) histrionic
    B) hippocratic
    C) hirsuite
    D) hoary
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    Option A

  8. An established principle of practical wisdom
    A) marxism
    B) maxim
    C) neologism
    D) platonism
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    Option B

  9. A general pardon of offenders
    A) parley
    B) amnesty
    C) parole
    D) acquittal
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    Option B

  10. The art of preserving skin of animals, birds and fish
    A) taxonomy
    B) taxidermy
    C) philology
    D) seismology
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    Option B