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English: Word Usage Questions Set 4

For each of the words given below, a contextual usage is provided. From the alternatives given, pick the word that is the most inappropriate as a substitute in the given context and mark its number as your answer.

  1. Brusque: She asked for a cup of coffee and received a brusque reply: “We don’t have any.”
    A) Crusty
    B) Churlish
    C) Genial
    D) Uncivil
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    Option C
    Explanation : Brusque means rude so it can be crusty (irritable, curt, tough) ; churlish (crude, rude, tough) ; uncivil but can’t be genial that means amiable / friendly.
  2. Tenacious:  Your grandfather can narrate stories about his childhood in excruciating detail because he has a tenacious memory.
    A) Dogged
    B) Flaccid
    C) Pertinacious
    D) Stubborn
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       Option B
    Explanation : tenacious means firm/strong so it can be used interchangeably with dogged (determined, persistent, resolute) , pertinacious (resolute) , stubborn ( inflexible ) but not with Flaccid ( loose /limp )
  3. Dapper: They went to where they found the dapper warriors standing in the court in a great press of welcoming knights.
    A) Elegant
    B) Unkempt
    C) neat
    D) Spruce
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       Option B
    Explanation : Dapper means fashionable/tidy so it can mean elegant , neat and spruce ( well groomed ) but not Unkempt that means messy/ disheveled.
  4. Derision: The inept performance elicited derision from the audience.
    A) Approval
    B) Mockery
    C) Scorn
    D) Disrespect
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       Option A
    Explanation : Derision means ridicule , it can mean Mockery ( scoffing) , Scorn ( disrespect ) , disrespect but not Approval.
  5. Bucolic:  They are both in the study of my old farmhouse, in a room that has three nice sized windows, each with a lovely, bucolic view.
    A) Arcadian
    B) Pastoral
    C) Metropolitan
    D) Rustic
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       Option C
    Explanation : Bucolic is rural/rustic , synonyms are Arcadian (rural) , Pastoral and  Rustic ( rural )  
  6. Bicker :A pair of student leaders sit inches away from each other and bicker about the region Telangana becoming a separate state.
    A) Argue
    B) Wrangle
    C) Squabble
    D) Reconcile
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       Option D
    Explanation : Bicker means quarrel/argument , it can mean Argue , Wrangle ( quarrel) and squabble ( argue) but not reconcile .
  7. Derelict : Today, all that remains of these Jewish holiday centers is a constellation of derelict buildings.
    A) vagrant
    B) remiss
    C) Inhabited
    D) Deserted
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       Option  C
    Explanation : Derelict means abandoned , Vagrant ( homeless) , Deserted ( desolate ) ,  remiss ( negligent ) , Inhabited is wrong here.
  8. Besmirch : Do honest men, believing in themselves, besmirch their own honor by deliberate lying?
    A) Vilify
    B) Asperse
    C) Slander
    D) clean
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       Option  D
    Explanation : Besmirch means malign so it can be vilify ( disparage  ), Asperse ( criticize ) , Slander ( defame )
  9. Debauch: So far as I could judge, he had entirely recovered from his debauch.
    A) Pervert
    B) Exalt
    C) Debase
    D) Warp
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       Option  B
    Explanation : Debauch means to lower in character, dignity ; so it can be Pervert ( corrupt ) , Debase ( dishonor ) ,Warp ( damage )  but can’t be Exalt ( praise )
  10. Bigot :He was a bigot, but he understood, correctly, that reproductive issues are often global.
    A) Liberal
    B) Partisan
    C) Adherent
    D) Dogmatist
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       Option  A
    Explanation : Bigot means a person who is utterly intolerant of any differing creed, belief, or opinion.
    Partisan means  follower , Dogmatist means racist/hypocrite ,  Liberal  is wrong here .  



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